January 24, 2013

Embellished (December 2011)

Today was the last day of school, next year I’ll be in my final year at school which is really daunting, but I’ve still got the Summer holidays before I even need to think about that! This day is always a casual day for the whole school practice (like the only one we get a year) because we spend most of that night in our uniform whilst we have a final school mass.

This outfit is actually completely random; I found this shirt a while ago, and it was actually my mum’s. So it’s vintage and it’s bought in Thailand. I love love love the beading and the contrast with black and the cobalt blue shorts! Also the bag I have I just adore the print! I bought it in Vietnam whilst on the pilgrimage for about $15.00 (which is way overpriced by the way) and the vivid colours and details in the fabric just caught my attention. Perhaps I’m looking at this outfit in an artistic perspective?

Vietnam Pilgrimage (November 2011)

Hi! I’m back from a two week pilgrimage spent in Vietnam which is actually where my dad was born! I know this isn’t fashion related but it certainly is something close to my heart and worth sharing.

I spent the two weeks with 20 or so other students, 14 of which were from my school (I go to an all girl’s school). Having been to Vietnam at least 8 times beforehand I was already aware of the culture, people, lifestyle and the poverty. For many living in a First World Country such as Australia and then seeing Vietnam would have been extremely confronting and a huge culture shock. Especially since we were spending most of the time volunteering in an orphanage with babies and young adults with disabilities. We also experienced working in a food kitchen and serving food to family members of people in hospital, a nursing home, a kindergarten and on a farm where tea and coffee was picked.

There is so much more I could write about my experience in Vietnam but I could write an essay. I just really feel strongly towards helping other people and making a difference in the world. I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to do this while I’m young, because there needs to be a strong focus on the young people of the world.

Here are only a couple of photos, I wish I could have shown more to give you an idea of what it was really like but my time was spent creating memories rather than taking photos of everything I was doing. I hope to go back to Vietnam and do more volunteering but I would like to go further than what I know and take more risks.

Navy (October 2011)

      Hello bloggers! Here is a quick outfit I wore whilst in the city for a karaoke date with some of my friends. I don’t know looking over the photos this outfit kind of looks a bit corporate...haha but any who I really liked the first image because it was more natural but my hand, what is it doing?

Scalloped (October 2011)

   So this trend ‘Colour Blocking’ is popular at the moment so I decided to try it. I love bold colours but have never experimented with a block colour for tops and bottoms. I don’t know if the look was successful, but I do know it won me a competition! Yes, I won a $250.00 gift voucher at Dotti!

Wondering how I won? Well, Dotti has a feature on the website called Style Nation and girls submit photos of an outfit they wore and write in brief why and they go in the running to win the competition. And so like Facebook, they have a liking thing...or something like that. So I had in mind that this competition would be based on popularity, but not the case at all! Anyway, I literally never win anything; I have the worst luck so I’m extremely thrilled that I won!

Spring Photography (September 2011)

Tribal Print (September 2011)

    For approximately two weeks following the first of September everyone in Adelaide looks forward to the Royal Show! I went with a couple of close friends. I absolutely love the atmosphere; I love being surrounded by people, the excitement of winning cheap, crappy prizes, the junk food, the thrill of the rides, animals and all things colourful! It’s just the time of year when everyone is out and about and having fun! The only thing not fun about the show is how expensive everything is.

Rusty Lace (August 2011)

    Hi all! Some friends and I went to the city today and spent the day relaxing, browsing stores, walking and so on. We also stopped by the Mac Factory in Adelaide to get some Macarons. I love getting all different flavours but it’s just instinct that we stick to what we know so I bought chocolate and flavours I knew I’d like. Just a thought, I love ice cream, but I always, always get chocolate because I know I’ll enjoy it and that I love it. I wonder if this idea that I’m not going out of my comfort zone with food...(lol) corresponds to the decisions I make around my life...

Anyway, we stopped by the lovely Botanic Gardens which is beautiful at this time of year. I also managed to fall over.