January 24, 2013

Embellished (December 2011)

Today was the last day of school, next year I’ll be in my final year at school which is really daunting, but I’ve still got the Summer holidays before I even need to think about that! This day is always a casual day for the whole school practice (like the only one we get a year) because we spend most of that night in our uniform whilst we have a final school mass.

This outfit is actually completely random; I found this shirt a while ago, and it was actually my mum’s. So it’s vintage and it’s bought in Thailand. I love love love the beading and the contrast with black and the cobalt blue shorts! Also the bag I have I just adore the print! I bought it in Vietnam whilst on the pilgrimage for about $15.00 (which is way overpriced by the way) and the vivid colours and details in the fabric just caught my attention. Perhaps I’m looking at this outfit in an artistic perspective?

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